Dusting off the Cobwebs

So, a lot of knitting has been going on since I post last. I’ve knit a bunch of things that are on my future project list…so I’ve conquered quite a bit in the past year.

Currently, I’ve got the following on my needles: Rambling Rows using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn (just because I am masochistic enough), the Kusha Kusha Scarf using Habu Wool and Silk/Stainless Steel Yarn, the Red Sox Redux Sock (the original just wasn’t working out for the both of us…sometimes it is better to recognize a bad yarn relationship and move on), and the Burridge Lake Aran Afghan using Red Heart by the pound (which has surprisingly good stitch definition…eventhough I feel like I am knitting with plastic).

These are the projects I’ve got lined up next: Ysolda’s Otto using Karabella Superwash Merino for my cousin’s B-day, EZ’s Tomten Jacket using Merino 5 for the boss man’s baby boy (he has commissioned me for another baby sweater…but he still owes me some pics of the first one I knit), the Mirage Pullover for Moi using Classic Elite’s Classic Silk, the Hemlock Ring Blanket using some Brooks Farm Four Play, and some socks thrown in there. As far as socks go, I’d like to complete my no-show lace socks, then I want to cast on for some Cookie A. socks out of her new book, Sock Innovation. Over the year, I’ve procured quite a bit of sock yarn…that I intended to knit socks from…damn second sock syndrome…I’ve got to get over it and just continue on with the damn socks. They seem like a great thing to knit when you are knitting the first one, then I get reservations about knitting the second. At Cookie A.’s Book Signing, she told me it didn’t matter if socks matched…its perfectly fine and acceptable to wear two single socks. There is a truth to that, but that might mean I will never get to the second sock with that philosophy…but it might just be ok.

The most recent yarn I’ve fallen head over heals for into a bad yarn obsession is Pagewood Farms sock yarns. They are sooo yummy and so squishy! Its hard to just walk out of the store with just one skein of sock yarn. My most favorite yarn store is Bobbin’s Nest Studio in Santa Clara, CA. If you are ever here, you must stop by this yarn store…plenty of beautiful yarns all arranged just so. Since I last posted, I moved North…so this is my LYS and a great LYS it is.

Projects that have recently come off my needles are Laura Chau’s Roam Jacket from Knitty.com and the February Lady Sweater. This year, I knit a lot of Ysolda’s Sophie bunnies for the various little girls in my life. I also knitted the Biker Boy sweater for my hubby. I know I have knitted a lot more than just this…but it is getting late and my brain won’t remember right now. I guess I will just have to update most of the pages and that way people can see for themselves.

That about sums up my year long blogging hiatus…but not a knitting hiatus. Hopefully, I will be showing off more pretty soon. Rambling Rows is very close to being off the needles…maybe another week or two before its done.

Spin me a yarn!