Emma Jacket is Finished!


Pattern: Emma Jacket
Yarn: 11.5 skeins of Knit Picks Shamrock in Doyle
Gauge: 4 sts = 1 inch stockinette stitch
Needles: US 9 29″ circular, five US 9 double pointed
Modifications: None
Techniques Used: Steeking and Double Knitting (purely optional)

So, this pattern gave me a headache in the beginning of the knitting and it generally gave me a few more headaches before I finished it. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the jacket. I’ve already worn it out once, soon after I finished it…about 2 weeks ago. I have not had an opportunity with getting an action shot, but soon I will and that will be on display for all to see. This jacket is really warm and it is long enough that I don’t have issues of it hiking up my back (I totally can’t stand that about most jackets and sweaters). To sum it up, the pattern sucked, but I like the end result and I learned a lot of techniques as well as lessons on jacket construction. I really like the way the jacket was constructed. It kept my interest constantly…I struggle with boring knit things. The finishing was soooo very minimal, because, you don’t know it while you are knitting, but the finishing is done while you are knitting it. All I had to do after all the knitting was graft the underarms and block the garment. The I-cord edging really finishes this jacket and makes it a clean looking knit. When my mom saw the jacket on me, she couldn’t believe I knitted it…if that gives you an idea of how great the end result is.

This is not a jacket where someone will ask you if you knit it. So, 2 thumbs down on the pattern presentation, 2 thumbs up on the finished product!

One thought on “Emma Jacket is Finished!”

  1. I found you on Ravery…and read your about page here. I had to comment, because we have a lot in commen. I was looking for other Fullerton knitters…you are. And then I read that you went to Cal Poly. I graduated there with a B.Arch. My bro. graduated from there too…M.E. I think the technical stuff was in our blood. I’m aDayInTheLife on Ravelry.

    Too cool, it does sound like we have lots in common, I’ll have to drop by and say hi on Ravelry! Isn’t Ravelry the best thing since sliced bread?!

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