Must Take Pictures!

This is a little note to self that I need to take pictures of Snow White, Wheel on Fire and The Gray Flannel Purse (that is not gray, nor flannel).  I have been furiously knitting…not necessarily because of the past holiday, but just because.  Knitting is a great stress reliever…and I’ve got lots of stress hence the knitting and not posting.  So, this weekend’s task is to take pictures of these 3 projects that are recently finished.  As life would have it, I have taken pictures of the other 2 projects that I finished over the holiday…Elijah (White Elephant Style) and Piggle.  Consequently, they were also projects that were finished either in tandem or after the other 3.

I decided to make a New Years Resolution to start more projects at once, so I can move in between them and parallelize my knitting a bit.  So far, so good.  I managed to start and almost complete Danica on a road trip up North.  I started Roam from Knitty Fall 2007, which is an endless sea of seed stitch, hence the need for more projects to jump to and fro from.  It really is turning out quite lovely…I chose to double strand laceweight yarn and the result is a beautiful limited pooling in the yarn and a lighter in weight fabric…I have to remember this trick when I want to knit something light weight that won’t feel like a sack of potatos when you put it on.

I’ve also started and almost finished (by tonight it will be finished) Penny from Knitty’s Fall 2003 issue.  Its a wonderful pattern so far, although if you intend to knit this as well, be sure to email Corinne for the latest version, as it has the errata corrected in it.  Miss BB will love it when its done.  She needs new sweaters and more sweaters very soon, because very soon, Miss BB and the rest of my family will be living in a much colder climate than we are used to.  On the same idea of keeping the family warm in the new diggs, I’ve ordered yarn and swatched for Biker Boy in the new Stitch N’ Bitch: Son of Stitch N’ Bitch.  I have not started knitting it, because I’m waiting for my new Harmony Options Needle set to arrive, because I currently don’t have the right circular needle for the job.

Last but not least, I’ve gotten about halfway through my first official crochet project, an Irish Crochet Pin Cushion.  I saw the photo of it and couldn’t think of not attempting it.  Since I am a beginner, there isn’t anything in that pattern I haven’t done, except crochet with such a fine hook and thread.  Its taking as long as the pattern said it would and soon I will have a pin cushion that I so desperately need for all my blocking pins that I have….I probably don’t really need the pin cushion, but I’m telling myself that so that I have an excuse to crochet it!  Then I may have to make a few others for the rest of my crafty family.

Spin me a yarn!