Bob Dobbs Vest Update

So, here is what it is looking like right now, pre-skull motif.

Its all knitted up, all stitches grafted in the appropriate places.

When Mikey tried it on…it looked as though the neck was very awkward.  It came up very high on his neck.  I don’t quite get why because I followed the pattern and pattern errata exactly…which required me to frog back at times, because I hadn’t followed part of it right.  I also made sure to take his measurements before starting on the project, so I know I knitted the correct size.

When I got to the neckline, I noticed the stitch count was off, although I checked my stitch count constantly and it even matched up in the parts of the pattern leading up to the neckline…so I’m thinking there is more errata there that hasn’t been discovered yet…either that or I missed something major…both possibilities are very realistic.  Anyhow, when I reached this point, I decided to continue, but for the stitch count I had.  I had two options there, continue on for the stitch count I had or add an extra row that would make me decrease the number of stitches in the front of the vest.  I went with what made sense to me and I probably should have decreased in the first row to get the stitch count I needed.  C’est la vie!

Right now, this vest is sitting on the kitchen table for a little bit, before I muster up the courage to frog the neckline and start over on it.   I don’t like re-knitting stuff and really its not the re-knitting, its the re-grafting of the neckline facing.  The first time, took a lot of patience and concentration and it took a fair amount of time to do since I’m not an expert at it yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I love how the neckline facing looks all done and pretty, its just a lot of work to graft it down.

I have found Cotton Ease really easy to deal with.  I wasn’t sure if I was sold on it when I bought it, but its working quite well.  So its a nice, cheap alternative to other yarns you could use for this pattern.

In the meantime, I’m going to start on this doily pattern, because we need one for one of our side-tables in our living room.  Its time for a side project…and I really don’t want to get started on the other Red Sox sock, cause the first one was really boring to knit.

3 thoughts on “Bob Dobbs Vest Update”

  1. Hi! I’m working on this right now and I’m confused. On the back shoulder shaping, I can’t figure out if the rows ending in wrap, turn should be causing me to decrease. It looks like I’m supposed to end up with 42 sts, but I can’t figure out where the decrease comes from. Am I missing something? Or are the rest of the stitches part of the neckline that doesn’t get grafted to the front?

    You aren’t decreasing the amount of stitches at all, you just aren’t knitting them and they will be staying on the needle. You just knit to the amount of stitches it says, then you wrap and turn, each time you are knitting less stitches (this is how short rows work). Essentially you are adding some extra fabric to the area without making the overall garment longer (check out pg 62 to see what you are doing to the garment; there’s a really good picture). After you are done with the short rows, the 42 stitches you have left from knitting them are put on a stitch holder…your last instruction should be to purl 42 stitches (those are the ones you are supposed to put on a stitch holder). The remaining stitches on either side of these middle stitches are your shoulder stitches that will be grafted. Hope that helps you out.

  2. I was having lots of trouble figuring out what to do here – thank you so much! Now I may get it finished before christmas after all!

  3. Hi- I have just completed the shoulder shaping for the right front and think there’s another error in the instructions. I also noticed the number of stitches is out. I’m wondering if what I’ve found is the reason why yours isn’t sitting right- the back shoulder shaping correctly has the shoulders sloping downwards, but the front shoulder shaping slopes upwards, so when you graft the shoulders, the opposing slopes will fit together and cancel each other out leaving no shaping and a tighter shoulder. I’m going insane trying to work out what the instructions should be, since the sides of the neck are worked into the pattern and simply reversing the shaping doesn’t mirror the back at all. The shaping for the front starts about 4 inches below the back. I think I’m going to have to rewrite the whole front shoulders and possibly leave the neck stiches to be picked up afterwards. I like the idea of keeping all the stitches live, but it makes it so much harder to see what’s going on

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