First Foray into Quilting

Almost a year ago, I decided I needed some cute accent pillows for my bed and I had been eyeing this book called, Pretty Little Pillows (Pretty Little Series).  All the pillows are really cute and look like they take minimal time.  I’ve sewed plenty of pillows in the past, so these looked a little more involved, but by no means intimidating for a beginner sewer.  I found a pillow in there that involves Cathedral Window Quilting, because my first quilting experience wasn’t going to be hard enough with just squares, I had to make it complicated. And that sentence just written sums up most things in my life that I do.  Jump into the hardest project first, not the easiest and somehow pull it off.

A year ago, this is where I was at with it.

Here’s where I am at now.

I like this so much that now I am thinking that I should make King sized pillow shams with this entire scheme…and I need 2 of them, because I just can’t help but make this project bigger.  I really like how it came along.  It is completely hand sewn, no machine here since I was going for an invisible stitch look.  Part of me wants two big shams and part of me wants to put a fork in it and only sew 1 more small pillow.  Decisions, decisions.  These were not very difficult to throw together.  It looks more complicated than it is.  It is just time consuming, but if you are already knitting, you probably aren’t shying away from lengthy craft projects.

The only reason it’s taken me so long to sew them is because I also juggle work, school, wifely duties and mommy duties.  This small pillow is really a short project and of the combined time I spent on it so far, I’ve probably only been working on it 3 evenings while watching TV.

Spin me a yarn!