Because I Don’t Have Enough UFO’s

I have ventured into starting two new projects at once.  One of them, I am almost finished with.

Promptly after finishing the Emma Jacket aka most hellacious pattern to follow ever…I started Snow White.  Firstly, I love this pattern, despite the mountains of 2X2 rib.  It is cleverly designed and the pattern gets an A+ in the easy to follow / presentation area.  Consequently, I’ve had no room to bitch about it on this blog…because it is a delightful pattern to follow.  Even better, she adds these little comments into the pattern, so when you get finished with a part…say binding off…where you are wondering if that last stitch on your right needle is to be bound off or knit in pattern with the four stitches on the left needle…she explains exactly what to do, so there is no question on what is to be done.  A designer that writes patterns answering knitterly questions on the way!   Hooray!  Seriously, this was just the break I needed after the jacket.

 So, I’m knitting along on Snow White, ever so delightly when finally my copy of Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch: 45 Projects to Knit and Crochet for Men arrives in the mail from Barnes and Noble.  Instantly, I go through it and mentally note which patterns Mikey might want me to knit.  Then I have him look through the patterns and find that about one or two projects on my mental list are things he’d want me to knit, but other things I thought he wouldn’t like, he wants as well.

So, I ordered some extremely discounted yarn for the Biker Boy Sweater…that will be a Xmas gift, if I finish it in time…which I think I can do.  Then we went to Velona’s Needlework so I could get the yarn for the Wheel on Fire steering wheel cover, which I intend on finishing soon, sometime before Xmas, because he wants to use it NOW!  I already started Wheel on Fire, hopefully I can get some pictures up soon for this blog and for Ravelry…seems no one has a picture of one yet.

As for the Gray Flannel Purse, I haven’t done anything with it.  I decided that the yarn that I was substituting at first for running out of yarn, really didn’t float my boat, it doesn’t look as good as I thought it would.  So, I bought a new Cascade 220 heather in a darker heather from Knit Affair (since the original color was out when I went back to the store).  I feel better about having a darker colored purse flap rather than a lighter colored purse flap.  I don’t know why, but its easier on my eyes.  I haven’t made the progress on it that I wanted to, because I’m loving knitting Snow White too much.  I figure I’ll have a new purse by Xmas at the rate I’m going with it.

I’ve also decided that I am probably going to frog the red sox sock and reknit it, along with the second sock…because I’ll feel better about it…too many flaws.  I’m also thinking about using a different sock yarn…a yarn with some elastic in it, because it doesn’t stay up on Mikey’s foot anyhow.  Also knowing what I know now about knitting, I should have knit the sock with some negative ease…a concept I didn’t quite understand when knitting that first sock.

In my year of relearning to knit and more importantly learning how to knit things to fit, I’ve learned a lot about how garments are constructed and what kinds of fibers work better than others on certain objects.  Its not enough to say you know how to knit…anyone can knit, it really is quite easy…but can they knit something someone would wear?  And what is the point of buying nice yarn to knit something that will never be worn?  I don’t know about you, but I hate knitting scarves…so, I’ve been taking the time to learn what faux pas I’ve made in my knitting so that someday I can frog all the things I will never wear and make more garments that I will wear and my family will wear.  I think thats a safe assertion to make.

Spin me a yarn!