Bob Dobbs Vest (Skull Version)

So, I just casted on for the Bob Dobbs Vest from the book, DomiKNITrix. The only difference is the vest I’m knitting Mikey will have a small skull instead of Bob Dobbs or the large skull chart. Mikey didn’t want a large grinning skull, but a tad more conservative skull on the front, if there is such a thing. You can see what vests I am talking about right here on the Jennifer Stafford’s (the author) site:

Bob Dobbs and Skull Vest in the background

I decided to use Lions Brand’s Cotton Ease for the vest, its a Cotton and Acrylic blend yarn that knits to the gauge pretty well on US 8 needles. So far its proving to be a nice, cheap, washable substitute, I really hate handwashing.

Anyhow, I’m really liking this book so far, I bought it because the patterns looked very clean and the garments looked incredible once they were finished, she also says there’s no blocking needed. Although I highly doubt that, it looked promising and I immediately bought into it, because I hate blocking…it takes so much time…though it usually does make a big difference.

Anyhow, if you want to see more of Jennifer’s stuff, she’s got a website, doesn’t everybody?

DomiKNITrix website

And when I’m done, I’ll let you know if I would knit it again.

One thought on “Bob Dobbs Vest (Skull Version)”

  1. Ironically, I picked up this book from the bookstore yesterday because I was in need of whipping my knitting skills into shape… 😉

    It will definitely do that! I learned grafting from this book and a whole lot of other techniques that I hadn’t seen before.

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